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Terms & Conditions

Engagement of outcall / in shop service constitutes acceptance of the following terms and conditions:



Outcall Booking

Please book outcall service at least 2 hours in advance. Please read Transportation Time and Fee before you make outcall booking.

Time Extensions
Where the need/desire arises for therapists to continue beyond the booked time and the therapists are available to do so, they will do so provided authorization has been granted. The minimum time extension is 30 minutes. The therapist will collect cash for the additional service.

Personal Valuables
The Customer shall undertake to keep all personal effects out of sight or locked away each time before the arrival of outcall massage representative and will not hold the outcall massage, its therapists or representatives responsible for any losses.

Grace Period
The Customer shall give the outcall massage a 30-minute grace period to arrive at the location – 15 minutes before the appointment time to 15 minutes after. The Customer shall also allow 10 minutes for setting up of equipment and another 10 minutes for packing up.

All booking are non-cancelable and non-refundable.

ZU SAN LI reserves the rights to amend offers, terms & conditions without prior notice.